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April 7, 2020

Zendesk Morning Show

Covid-19 stopped everything in its tracks. While whole industries paused and bedrooms turned into offices, businesses found themselves disconnected from colleagues and customers.


Zendesk, the customer service software company behind 160,000 businesses, dreamed to help its customers make the transition to their new normal.

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    20 episodes

Zendesk Morning Show 3D set virtual stage title card
Vismedia team member editing Zendesk Morning Show footage from a home office during the COVID-19 crisis.


Create a mini series with no physical interaction.

Zendesk engaged Vismedia to produce the Zendesk Morning Show: a twice-weekly TV show made for the web. It would aim to bring 15-20mins of bitesize video content, each bit relatable and shareable.

Lockdown presented another challenge for production: logistics. Contributors from around the world were unable to leave their homes. Meanwhile, Vismedia needed to deliver the show without using a full production crew or a physical studio set.


3D virtual CGI set.

Zendesk Morning Show fused digital with reality. We used high-quality webcam footage from participants and embedded it in a fully-CGI, 3D virtual set to produce a compelling, cohesive video series.

We created two 3D set designs: one special setup for the host and another for guests, customers and employees. Animated transitions between the two sets were silky-smooth.

Combining footage within an animated 3D environment, we delivered a professional-looking series that felt at home with Zendesk’s brand.

''The more that teams got behind it, the more that momentum built. And with that momentum, that's what brought more audiences in as well.''
Prelini Udayan-Chiechi

VP Marketing EMEA, Zendesk

''This is a classic example of doing something completely different at a time of transition and being successful.''
Joel Harrison

Editor-in-Chief, B2B Marketing

Producers, virtually there.

The Vismedia team directed the show remotely, building rapport and guiding speakers to set up their own lighting and camera angles.

Then, using powerful AI upscaling technology, contributor footage was cleaned, brightened, and delivered a high-quality result.

We effectively became extended members of team Zendesk. We worked very closely with their Creative Team and alongside their internal workstreams.

Before After


35% higher viewing figures than webinars.

The first episode went live in three different languages with around 2,000 viewers. The full series viewing figures were 35% higher compared to the 40 webinars run at Zendesk in the first half of 2020.

The hugely successful collaboration between Zendesk and Vismedia continues. In Autumn 2020, we produced the second series of Zendesk Morning Show, working together once more to deliver insights and stories in our virtual set.

Recorded at Ignite London 2020

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