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London HQ
Unit 203, Brickfields
37 Cremer Street
Hoxton, E2 8HD
Islandijos g. 6,
Vilnius 01401, Lithuania
February 7, 2016

Stay Fare Mayor

The London Taxi Company wanted to create the #StayFareMayor campaign because it wanted the next Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, to recognise it as the “best cab service in the world”.


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    The London Taxi Company

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With over 20 actors involved, we recreated a ‘day in the life’ journey of a black cab driver traversing the streets of London to a re-worked soundtrack of Amy’s famous ‘Back to Black’ song.


Best Local Government Campaign.

The project was completed in under three weeks. This film was created in collaboration with Amy Winehouse’s family to promote the #StayFareMayor campaign on behalf of the London black taxi trade.

Stay Fare Mayor was the main component of a very successful programme of social media activity. It picked up a 2016 Public Affairs Award for Best Local Government Campaign.


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