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Making Sense of Sugar

These days, healthy eating and smart food choices are on everybody’s lips, but there’s a lot of misinformation out there. The Making Sense of Sugar campaign aims to explain the role of sugar in a healthy diet, highlighting the different types of sugar and where these sugars come from.


We needed to create an animation that was able to convey information in a fun, light-hearted way that was informative and useful to audiences.

  • Client

    AB Sugar

  • Type



2D animation.

We created a single 2D animation video for the campaign. We blended real food photography alongside hand-drawn art that created family-friendly, recognisable imagery that was easy to understand.

Our take on the subject enabled us to distil some quite complex information in a whimsical, engaging way.


1m+ campaign views.

The animation was used as the core of social media activity for the Making Sense of Sugar campaign. It was also the focus on the campaign website’s homepage.

Our work has earned over 1 million campaign views on social media.

The campaign was a huge success thanks to its art style and easy-to-understand information. Shortly afterwards, we were commissioned to make a second animation in the same style.


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