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Coats Telecoms

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    Immersive Experience, 3D Animation

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Visualising hidden product innovation.

Coats Telecoms customers need reliable cables. With so many innovative solutions on offer, Coats needs to lead potential customers to the perfect product.

However, visualising Coats’ hidden innovation can be a challenge. They have a huge array of specialist products which need explaining, and as each customer has different requirements, Coats required a modular, digital showcase to tell their story.


3D animation and an interactive web experience.

As Vismedia had already built a 3D interactive website tool for their Automotive division, Coats knew that we had the perfect solution to this problem.

The film.

Our 3D animation takes the audience through a tour of a city to show the everyday application of Coats cables.

The final film stayed truthful to the original storyboard to help keep production on-schedule and within budget.

Play the animated film
Before After

The 3D Telecoms Tool.

Once we built the animation, we turned the 3D models into the Telecoms Tool: an interactive 3D product catalogue.

Our team designed cables as clickable models that customers could move and drag. Every menu item spotlights a Coats innovation in-situ with descriptive text.

Harnessing the power of a web browser.

The Telecoms Tool is powered by a web browser with no need to install additional software.

Audiences can explore products right down to the smallest detail and click a button to go deeper into the website.

The result.

The tool launched in July 2021. It assists the sales team to better inform clients and close deals. Coats has also launched a digital campaign to invite customers into their world of innovation online.

‟The web experience has been a great success and means that we can demonstrate a wide range of innovative solutions in an innovative and engaging way when used directly and remotely with our customers.

The 3D tool allows us to demonstrate our innovation to a wider audience online via our website through a standard web browser ensuring a super smooth user experience.”

Carla Griffin

Global Head of Marketing Communications, Coats

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