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London HQ
Unit 203, Brickfields
37 Cremer Street
Hoxton, E2 8HD
Islandijos g. 6,
Vilnius 01401, Lithuania

Allianz UK

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Communicate strategic objectives to 4,600 employees.

Allianz UK was gearing up for their 2025 strategy. Their brand purpose – “We secure your future” – was set. Now, Allianz needed to ensure that their 4,600 employees were on board with their direction. Equally, employees needed to know how they, as individuals, could help deliver it.

We created a virtual, browser-based digital destination to showcase brand messaging in a way that employees had never seen before. Allianz employees engaged with the 360° space to discover the brand’s purpose and its value to them. Through group participation and writing personal goals in the experience, the campaign would inspire them to help change company culture.

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