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Sales Enablement Interactive Game Hub

  • Type

    Interactive Web Experience

  • Need

    Sales Enablement


Upskill and educate 1,000 salespeople across 40 companies.

Our client is one of the largest tech hardware manufacturers in the world. Their vast network of reseller partners sells hardware to other businesses. As a consequence, these resellers have to take regular training on product lines. Up until now this has been done by creating static modules with standard 2D content.

Our task was to make the upskilling process as innovative as the products themselves. We had to find a way to engage resellers better, helping them learn and understand unique selling points of products. And with the data analytics to show it.


Training and learning

Sales enablement

Increased engagement


A 360° gamified digital destination.

We created a unique Game Hub: An exclusive virtual space that hosts engaging content to upskill and reward channel partners.

Around the 360° space, users discover interactive hotspots and overlays. Each one uncovers videos to watch, PDFs to read, games to play, and prizes to win.


Every interaction earns points. Engaging with the content – like watching a whole video to completion – achieves even more points.

Everyone has a spot on the leaderboard. Users compete with each other to learn the most and become the best in their sales team.

Points mean prizes.

Once they’re ready to progress, users test their knowledge in the quiz to earn prizes as a reward for playing and engaging.

Points earn users the opportunity to play a spin the wheel game where they can win Amazon vouchers.

Content Management System

The client activates hotspots and populates them with content through the CMS. From here they upload and manage PDFs and images, pop-up text, or embed YouTube and Vimeo videos directly into a hotspot.

The CMS can create clones of the environment for different uses. Every version can be personalised with unique information for each channel partner.

Rich data analytics

The analytics dashboard shows engagement with training at user and company level. The client can download CSV reports and monitor prize-giving.


Ongoing success.

Over 93% of users said they would return to take more training under the same immersive quiz format.

The 360° Game Hub universe continues to expand. We are continually working with the client to add more games and training modules to incentivise users to keep coming back for more training – and ultimately, sell better.

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