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Born in 2001 with a very focused remit to help companies and their partner PR agencies with the visual part of their communications strategy. Back then this just involved photography, and it’s hard to think that only 17 years ago we were still transitioning from an analogue to a digital world, but in the early days, over half of our photographer base were still shooting on negative or transparency film. Remember that? 

As our client base grew and technology advanced, the next milestone for us was the birth of YouTube on Valentine’s Day 2005 and so began the notion of ‘video for the web’. As is the way of the world, those forward-thinking clients who we were working on photography projects for, started asking us if we made videos. Of course, the answer was yes and a very very steep learning curve followed with our first video project being produced for the then ‘Fishburn Hedges’ PR agency for an NHS Stop Smoking Campaign. 

Fast forward ten years to 2016 and we had by then produced over 2200 videos for a myriad of clients spanning the complete spectrum from single subject pieces to camera, through to global corporate overview films. Animation became quite a big ‘thing’, and we now have a team of animators in-house working alongside our editors across multiple projects utilising a plethora of specialist software programs. 

So that’s it then, the evolution of our business. Well not exactly! The inexorable march of technology and innovation has a habit of dropping game-changing new paradigms into our laps, and so it came to pass that in 2015 the acronyms of VR/AR/MR and XR started to permeate our world. What is this newfangled tech we thought? It certainly sounded exciting, and we decided this was worth exploring and understanding how it could potentially be of use to our diverse client base. The more of the surface we scratched, the more we realised that this was indeed a game changer. All of the big boys Facebook (Oculus) Samsung (Oculus Gear VR) Microsoft (Hololens) HTC (Vive) Google (Google Glass) Apple (keeping things close to their chest) were investing Gazillions into this area and we came to the rapid conclusion that this had to have legs, and arms and er, wings. 

If you’re going to embrace new technology, you have to understand it not just on a superficial level but a deep dive into its capabilities, its practicalities, its nuances, and its quirks. So 2016 and a chunk of 2017 were good solid R&D years, and we can now safely say that we are experts in immersive experiences encapsulating the whole panoply of VR products. 

We are still in the foothills though but super excited about the journey ahead. We see the technology having an enormous impact on our lives and for all areas of communications. Employee engagement, onboarding, investor relations, stakeholder communications, training and learning, you name it, there’s a use for it. Traditional 2D video and animation are still going be a fundamental part of this whole process, but when linked with this new technology and the ability to track and measure engagement with powerful analytics it’s a game changer. 

There is some well documented research that in recent years, the human attention span has shrunk to a minuscule eight seconds which is approximately that of a goldfish. It is a well known fact that humans process visual information more efficiently than text, and visuals have been found to improve learning by up to 400 percent. Take this one step further and truly immerse the viewer into a real or imagined world and the possibilities are endless. 

If you’re ever going to be in the Shoreditch area or near to the Plexal Technology Innovation Centre in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park give us a call or drop an e-mail to hello@vismedia.agency and we’ll arrange a coffee (or tea), and we can have a natter. 

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