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Discover interactive digital for employee engagement and training.

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Immersive and interactive employee experiences allow businesses to improve internal communication and L&D (Learning and Development).

Planning an employee experience? Here's how to go interactive.

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It's easy to switch off when you're a passenger

Effective communication and retention of information are essential for employee engagement and learning. However, this can be a challenge with conventional mediums like traditional web pages, PDFs and linear videos.

They are passive experiences – they don’t require us to do anything, so they can be difficult to focus on.

Put your employees in the driving seat

Employees are 6x more likely to retain information from interactive experiences*. They stimulate curiosity, demand exploration, and challenge users. As users explore digital spaces, they're faced with an experience that requires their full attention and focus.

*Data from Carnegie Mellon University's Simon Initiative.

Why use an interactive digital experience?

  • Give employees a 6x more engaging way to learn
  • A controlled space for employees to engage, discover, and connect with the business
  • Measurable interactions
  • No specialist software or hardware needed, just a modern browser

Reduce costs

Immersive and interactive content can create significant savings for businesses. Deliver training faultlessly time and time again – in multiple languages, in any region.

Most businesses already have the infrastructure in place to deploy immersive learning experiences right away.

Collect meaningful data

Web-based immersive and interactive experiences make it easy to collect user data. Comprehensive analytics enable much smarter, more informed business decisions.

Why listen to us?

Vismedia is a leading visual communications company for businesses. We play with the power of immersive tech, the potential of visual media, and align them with business strategy.

We never make “stuff” for the sake of it. We craft incredible experiences with clear business goals in mind: our stuff solves problems and drives revenue.

We help brands own the attention span of their audience.

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Learn how to use this technology to:

  • Gamify communications and learning to increase employee engagement
  • Increase the uptake and retention of information
  • Measure participation and sentiment
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