Cory Riverside Energy Interactive & Immersive
360° experience for Investor Relations

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Cory Riverside Energy is a complex business with an intricate story. As owners of the UK’s largest energy-from-waste plant, they transfer around 750,000 tonnes of waste on the River Thames each year, using it to generate enough power for 160,0000 homes.
When the business was put up for sale, they needed an innovative way to show potential overseas investors around their plant without affecting operations.


Vismedia created an immersive and interactive 360° digital twin of Cory’s operations using an engaging blend of 360° photos and videos populated with animations.
It highlighted the complex processes happening in the recycling facility at Smugglers Wharf, as well as the lighters on the Thames and the energy recovery facility at Belvedere.
The entire experience was housed within an App, loaded on to branded VR headsets and then sent to potential investors in boxes engineered to look like Cory shipping containers.


Cory’s CEO credited the premium price they received in the company’s sale to the innovative nature of the business and the use of premium immersive content to tell their story.
Subsequently, Vismedia’s solution has been used successfully in a CSR capacity to demonstrate the openness of the business. In 2018 the work won "Digial Campaign of the Year" at the prestigious Digital Impact Awards.
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Alternatively, email:
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