A 360° immersive experience, exploring energy recovery


VR/360 Animation Apps

Taking the public and stakeholders on an immersive journey through the largest energy from waste business in the UK.

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For the very first time, the public and corporate stakeholders can experience the operation that transforms non-recyclable waste into clean energy that powers London’s homes.

This experience provided access to Cory’s multiple sites  – from their recycling facility at Smugglers Wharf, to the lighters on the Thames, all the way through to the gleaming Energy Recovery Facility at Belvedere on the banks of the river.

The experience utilised the inherent power of modern browser technology, to seamlessly merge 360° photography and video alongside multilayered animation and infographics.

Finally, the client wanted to send a highly targeted but globally diverse audience a personalised version of the experience. We created a branded box to look like a Cory shipping container which housed a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone preloaded with the app and a Samsung Gear VR headset. Imagine being able to travel through an entire business from the comfort of your armchair on the other side of the world. Well, now you can!