Engage audiences better through compelling interactive content marketing
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Engage audiences better through compelling interactive content marketing

In this article, we’ll show you innovative interactive content marketing examples that stand out from the crowd and to inspire you to find new ways to capture your audience’s attention span. Let’s go.

Engaging content is the backbone of great marketing. It’s the perfect opportunity to dazzle audiences with insight and expertise across various media. However, HubSpot’s State of Marketing report suggests the media landscape isn’t so varied. In fact, most content strategies focus on three tactics: video, blogging and infographics.

The challenge is finding tactics that stand out and address the audience’s needs. Well, marketers can up their content game with interactive content marketing. It’s a proven method of differentiation that stands out and earns sales.

The power of interactive content in digital marketing

Interactivity leans on ‘surprise and delight’ tactics to keep your audience engaged. Audiences switch from “passive” to “active”, participating in the storytelling.

It’s also never been easier to achieve active audience participation. Tools like interactive web experiences can combine 3D animation, 360° spaces, games, quizzes and downloads. All in a web browser!

Interactive content marketing examples

Now, let’s move on to some examples of brands that use interactive content marketing to make waves with their digital content.

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Bosch Smart Home

First up, Bosch. For marketers looking to engage users towards the top of the funnel, Bosch’s Smart Home webpage works a charm. This 3D product model enables users to see a range of Bosch’s products in-situ in a modern home, all at once.

3D looping animations show how a product works, with floating hotspots around it. When a user clicks on a hotspot, it opens up an information panel to visit the product’s webpage.

B2B Ignite London

This example formed part of the digital marketing campaign for B2B Marketing’s virtual event, Ignite London.

Ignite London interactive content marketing experience

Users explore the event’s typical venue, the Business Design Centre, from their web browser. Prospective attendees find videos, podcasts and blogs in the space to preview event speakers and topics.

The Ignite experience shows that digital destinations generate awareness and leads. Over 50% of users who interacted with the experience went on to click the “book tickets” call to action.

BIMA Members Hub

Interactive content marketing can help motivate intangible purchases like memberships, too.

BIMA’s Members Hub is another digital destination that stitches content into a 360° space. Accessible from any desktop or mobile device, it’s part of BIMA’s email campaign to showcase their innovative benefits. With a floating “Join BIMA” CTA, it’s simple to motivate prospective members to sign up to the community.

Still from BIMA digital destination showing embedded downloads and hotspots

Coats Automotive

Coats uses interactive content marketing tools across their vast automotive product range. Their interactive product configurator helps users visualise hidden product innovation quickly and easily.

Interior shot of the 3D Coats Car model Immersive Interactive 360

It’s been a hugely successful piece of interactive content marketing for Coats. Now the thread manufacturer uses 3D configurators across their telecoms and sports footwear divisions.

Coats Car Interactive Augmented Reality shown on an iPad

The marketing department isn’t the only winner, either. The Augmented Reality app for iPad helps events and sales teams show products and solutions in front of prospects. Not to mention the integration with sales enablement tools like Showpad. Now that’s sales and marketing alignment.

Effective interactive content marketing

Interactive web experiences are able to keep users engaged longer. With new web technologies helping marketers, comms professionals and beyond, these innovators create shareable content that gets recognised.

The investment doesn’t have to be in all-new content, either. With some strategic thinking, you can repurpose existing assets and extend their value even further.

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