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Zendesk Morning Show: how Zendesk used CGI to create game-changing B2B content

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Watch the full presentation about Zendesk Morning Show from B2B Ignite 2020 on-demand. Find out about the strategy and production techniques behind this unique B2B video content. Click here to watch the presentation.

Titlecard for Zendesk Morning Show B2B Ignite presentation featuring Prelini Udayan-Chiechi and Jonathan Sedger

After a successful first season earlier this year, Zendesk Morning Show is back on our screens streaming its Autumn edition. For a second time, we join the Zendesk team on Vismedia’s 3D virtual stage for weekly insights on everything customer experience.

Click here to watch.

What is Zendesk Morning Show?

Zendesk Morning Show is an innovative and unique use of online video that helped Zendesk find a fresh, exciting way to reach out to audiences and create demand with customers during the COVID-19 crisis.

Host of Zendesk Morning Show Prelini Udayan-Chiechi on the 3D virtual set

March 2020 ushered in a period of transition and stress. We saw in-person events pause, and we saw and global audiences shifting to digital channels. It meant the usual marketing mix that brands used to speak to their customers had to change. First came Zoom webinars, then came Zoom fatigue. Long-form content as we knew it was struggling to engage in a rapidly changing world – so something had to cut through.

How is Zendesk Morning Show different to a webinar?

The show takes inspiration from Andrew Marr and Sophie Ridge, the titans of the morning talk show. Unlike any webinar, Zendesk Morning Show needed to have a studio and set design strong enough to support the format and own the attention span. But under lockdown rules, Zendesk couldn’t get cameras and hosts all in one room.

So, they engaged us to help them with an innovative new approach unlike any other webinar: a 3D virtual set design.

The 3D set of Zendesk Morning Show being created by a Vismedia 3D artist

From home offices, spare bedrooms and kitchens all over the world, Zendesk Morning Show speakers filmed themselves remotely under the guidance of Vismedia’s experienced video production team.

Vismedia team member editing Zendesk Morning Show footage from a home office during the COVID-19 crisis.

We scaled-up the footage and stitched it together in a totally custom-built CGI set to create a broadcast-style show that looked polished and felt at home with Zendesk’s branding.

Two contributors talking within the 3D virtual set of Zendesk Morning Show

Prelini Udayan-Chiechi, Zendesk’s VP Marketing in EMEA, is at the helm of ZMS. She steers each episode talking to teams, customers and partners. Each 15-20 minute episode tackles a new theme to highlight key changes in the world of customer experience.

The show has been a great success for Zendesk. Speaking on SEMRush’s Marketing Scoop podcast, Prelini Udayan-Chiechi said that viewing figures for Zendesk Morning Show outperformed webinars by over 35%.


What did we learn from making Series 1?

We learned that teamwork really does make the dream work. Innovative technology is just the start of the process. Really, internal teams do the rest by rallying around and driving the idea forward. Zendesk and the Vismedia team worked as one unit, enabling open and honest chats about what worked and what needed to be done better.

Promoting the show worked the same way. As global teams got more involved and excited to be a part of the show, word-of-mouth helped naturally propel the show to new audience segments.

LinkedIn status of Aoife Byrne promoting the show

“The more that teams got behind it, the more that momentum built,” Prelini said. “And with that momentum, that’s what brought more audiences in as well.”

Get the full insights from our Ignite 2020 presentation

In the “next normal”, the 3D virtual set design stand outs from the crowd with high-quality, engaging B2B content. So, unlock the value and gain the insights. Learn the top dos and don’ts of producing a B2B show. Click here to watch the session.

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