Vismedia shortlisted for 2021 Marketing Week Masters Awards
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Vismedia shortlisted for 2021 Marketing Week Masters Awards

The Marketing Week Masters Awards recognises the most effective marketing campaigns. It’s a prestigious annual event that showcases the best in the biz on the global stage. So, we’re thrilled to announce that our Aggreko Granny Smith Immersive Experience has made the Marketing Week Masters shortlist in the Utilities category.

About Vismedia’s shortlisted project

The Covid-19 crisis restricted travel and cancelled events, meaning energy company Aggreko couldn’t demonstrate its revolutionary power solution face-to-face. With a now-virtual event only three weeks away, Aggreko’s team needed a way to showcase innovation to some of their hottest prospects.

That’s when Aggreko turned to us. Using a virtual 360° digital destination, we took their audience through an intricate power grid solution in-situ within the Australian desert… without ever leaving the comfort of home.

Granny Smith 3D Interactive model screenshot with project text overlay

It’s similar to our first digital destination project for Aggreko, the Rugby World Cup 2019 interactive experience. This first project presented their efficiencies for investors and analysts at Aggreko’s Capital Markets Day.

Building from our first project, the Granny Smith Immersive Experience enables users to tour the mine, clicking and expanding on 3D models to uncover the inner workings of a highly complex power grid.

We unlocked Aggreko’s hidden innovation with our creative technology to showcase their energy-efficient power solutions for the mining industry from any desktop or mobile.

Interactive 3D model of Aggreko battery storage system

Our Aggreko Granny Smith Immersive Experience is one of three shortlisted projects for the Utilities sector in the Marketing Week Masters Awards. You can view the final digital destination project for yourself by clicking here.

When will the Marketing Week Masters 2021 winners be announced?

The winners of each category will be announced in-person at the winners ceremony in London during October 2021. We’re looking forward to being there and we wish the best of luck to all the other finalists in the 2021 Marketing Week Masters.

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