Vimeo Festival & Awards 2020: Vismedia wins Best Livestream Event
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Vimeo Festival & Awards 2020: Vismedia & Zendesk win Best Livestream Event

Vimeo is home to oodles of videos uploaded every single day. It’s a platform of 200 million registered users uploading hundreds of hours of content. Thousands, even. It’s tiring to think about watching all of it. However, for the Vimeo Festival & Awards 2020, somebody watched it all – and we thank them for their service.

Out of those thousands of videos, we’re pleased as punch that Zendesk Morning Show won “Best of the Year” for a Livestream Event. It was the only B2B content of its kind, beating the Daytime Emmy Awards to the top spot.

Vimeo Festival & Awards 2020 Best of the Year winners

When were the Vimeo Festival & Awards 2020?

Vimeo has been celebrating the best and most innovative content on its platform since 2008 – that was the dawn of the Vimeo Festival. This January, the VFAs took the form of a full day of workshops from Vimeo speakers and the leading lights at some of the biggest organisations around the world. And, for the first time ever, a live-streamed virtual awards ceremony.

The Awards are judged by a panel of Vimeo’s favourite artists, filmmakers and icons. They scrutinise the best entries and decide the winner in each category. This year, the Livestream Event jury included a selection of Vimeo’s staff across Events, B2B Marketing and Sales.

How did we do it?

“They say that out of crisis comes innovation and I think this is a testament to that,” says Jeff Titterton, Chief Marketing Officer of Zendesk. As communication changed rapidly in the year, so too did the marketing mix that organisations traditionally relied upon. It meant that organisations such as Zendesk needed to build genuine human connections without ever making physical contact.

Here’s Jeff again: “The Zendesk Morning Show… was really a collaborative effort across many departments, cities, and regions around the world.” Using the unique Vismedia 3D virtual stage design, we were able to connect speakers and guests across the globe digitally in a way that wasn’t possible before. Not to mention that both seasons of the show were produced, filmed and edited remotely by the Vismedia team.

Today? Vimeo. Tomorrow… the world!

The 2020 collaboration between Vismedia and Zendesk continues to go from strength-to-strength. We also found ourselves on the shortlist for Best use of digital techniques or technologies at the B2B Awards.

Before long, Zendesk Morning Show was shortlisted for Best use of digital by sector: Technology, media and telecommunications at the Digital Impact Awards 2020.

Modern production techniques mean that creative technologists are finding ways to un-boring video content on the internet. This win at the Vimeo Festival & Awards 2020 makes it clear that the future of digital communications rests on the shoulders of the innovators.

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