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Vismedia Vimeo Best Live Stream Event Winner
Josh Baum
Posted by Josh Baum
25 January 2021

Vimeo Festival & Awards 2020: Vismedia & Zendesk win Best Livestream Event

Vimeo is home to oodles of videos uploaded every single day. It's a platform of 200 million registered users uploading hundreds...

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Josh Baum
Posted by Josh Baum
24 November 2020

Using 3D animated video production to tell the story of Viital's Space software

When we were tasked to create an engaging 3D animation for Space, the latest product offering from the technology company...

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Zendesk Morning Show 3D set virtual stage title card
Josh Baum
Posted by Josh Baum
03 November 2020

Zendesk Morning Show: how Zendesk used CGI to create game-changing B2B content

Watch the full presentation about Zendesk Morning Show from B2B Ignite 2020 on-demand. Find out about the strategy and production...

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Vismedia Team
Posted by Vismedia Team
19 October 2018

WINNERS: Digital Impact Awards Campaign of the Year 2018

Vismedia celebrated in style on Tuesday evening, as we were crowned double award winners at the Digital Impact Awards this...

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