Hidden innovation in plain sight: Coats uses digital destinations to sell more
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Hidden innovation in plain sight: how Coats Group uses digital destinations to sell better

Coats Group is everywhere. Their threads are woven into your car seats. Channelling your fibre optic broadband. Knitted into your Adidas trainers. But if you hadn’t read this, would you ever have known? Well, thanks to their investment in digital visual content, you’re likely to see them more and more.

Hidden innovation

Coats Group is the master of “hidden innovation”: invisible products and solutions that improve our lives without us realising. Their product portfolio is remarkable, but hidden innovation comes with a challenge: it’s hard to showcase to potential customers. Since working with Vismedia, Coats has been able to burst their seams wide open for every customer to see.

The rise and rise of Coats

In July, Coats Group announced a strong first-half performance in 2021. Their organic sales grew 34% year-on-year. Simply Wall Street suggests the ‘little-known’ stock could be one for investors to watch. Clearly, Coats’ investment into digital channels and developing digital products has helped them sell more.

Let’s take a closer look at how Coats used innovative content technology to showcase their products better.

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Visualising the whole product catalogue with interactive 360° web experiences

Interactive web tools

Interactive web tools use 3D models to explore products inside and out. It’s a powerful interactive website. The tools are powered by a web browser, so users can explore without downloading apps or buying hardware.

Coats sports footwear tool showing back of shoe with information panel on right-hand side showcasing hidden innovation

The tools provide each product with context. A prospective customer starts from the outside of a model. With every click of the tool, they zoom into a deeper level, understanding how it all fits together. The user has the option to click a button to go and learn more about a specific product.

Coats Automotive 3D tool showcasing interior of 3D model car with information panel expanded on right hand side showcasing the product innovation

Coats first used 3D product models for marketing their Automotive products. Quickly finding success as a sales enablement tool by integrating with Showpad, Coats created similar tools across their Sports Footwear and Telecoms Cable divisions.

“Vismedia have been instrumental in helping us develop our use of interactive and immersive technology.”

Carla Griffin,
Global Head of Marketing Communications, Coats

Digital destination

It’s not every day that you can transport hundreds of people to a manufacturing facility in North Carolina. But thanks to their 360° interactive and immersive Sustainability Hub, Coats can take an unlimited number of stakeholders and prospects for a virtual tour of their facility.

Interactive and immersive digital tools helped to take Coats from a leader in the industry to the industry leader.

Coats Sustainability Innovation Hub North Carolina digital destination screenshot

Disrupting the industry

Coats Group’s investment into innovative digital content technology has helped them stand out in a sea of digital noise.

Carla Griffin, Global Head of Marketing Communications for Coats said:
“Interactive web experiences have enabled us to drive visitors to our innovation hubs, increase footfall at exhibitions, increase website traffic and increase engagement with our social media channels across our target segments.”

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