Using 3D animated video production to tell the story of Viital Space
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Using 3D animated video production to tell the story of Viital’s Space software

When we were tasked to create an engaging 3D animation for Space, the latest product offering from the technology company Viital, we knew that we had to create a meaningful narrative with depth. We had to deliver a piece of corporate content that would not only enthuse customers, but excite investors too. By combining great visuals with cohesive storytelling, we were able to do just that.

“B2B products are complex,” says Jonathan Sedger, Vismedia’s Head of Marketing. ‘To create concise explainer videos, there’s often a lot of information to distil into a short timeframe. In the world of intangible tech products, it can be challenging to demonstrate them in less than two minutes.

Many explainer videos tend to focus on the “what” without delving the “why”. If the “what” are the features, then the “why” is the narrative that grabs your audience and commands them to connect.

How does visual content make audiences care about something?

Visual content forms an emotional bond between the material and the audience. It’s why we, as humans, love film: in cohesive storytelling that floods the senses, our neurons respond to the story in a way that makes it feel real and personal.

That’s how we can be fully invested in Disney Pixar short films that tackle some incredibly complex themes succinctly… but disengaged with, say, marketing_product_showcase_2021.mp4.

Without a story, it’s difficult to understand the context. Where is the audience in your materials? What are they feeling as they enter each part of your story – if there even is one?

Once we knew our narrative structure, Space had the potential to become even more impactful. All that’s left to do? Build the animation.

Why use 3D animated video for this product story?

Quite simply we wanted to capture the sense of ‘destination’ that comes with the product and also articulate the narrative in a highly engaging way. The power behind the product sets the bar high, meaning any video content about Space’s 360° technology had to match its energy.

3D animated video production has the art of the impossible on its side: it can break the rules of physics to help you along the way in explaining your product. Plus, you can create any world – real or imagined – without hiring a film crew, renting a location or even a studio.

The project file of Space 3D animated video production
Central character of 3D animated video production with floating 3D models around them

Launching great storytelling and 3D animation into Space

We had to make it clear to viewers from the very beginning of our story that traditional digital content can be dull. We’re always swiping, clicking, dragging, scrolling… yawn.

But Space?

No. Space is different.

The more that our hero character dives into Space’s 360° environment, the flecks of colour in the animation turn into a vibrant world of kinetic possibility. Excitement and energy mounts with every scene until our hero returns to her desk, forever technicolour; her desk life is the same, but changed by Space. And everyone around her is starting to see in colour, too.

Greyscale image from Viital's Space 3D animated video production
Still from Space 3D animated video production for Viital

Watch the full 3D animated video

We’re immensely proud of our animation and the story it tells. It’s the backbone of Viital’s marketing campaign for Space, and it’s been released for potential investors and clients to whet their appetites, before delving into a demo showroom that features in the animation. You can watch the full video here.

Vivid 3D animation develops attachment to the real world that other media struggles to capture. And – as we found earlier – the more that your imagined world feels “real” through visuals and storytelling, the greater likelihood that your audience can relate to it. Which, ultimately, can only be a good thing for you. The Vismedia ethos is ‘own the attention span’ and we excel at helping our clients do just that for their audiences.

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