Best corporate animated video production techniques for 2021
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Corporate animated video: an underused video production technique in B2B

Today and beyond, businesses need to lead by example through sensible communications with a human touch. While live-action film and stock imagery can work well together, they can’t always tell the story you need them to. However, animated video for business communications could be the tool to help you make a real connection. Here are three reasons why corporate animated video production is an excellent communication tool for your business:

Reason 1: Control every element precisely

The physical world has its limitations. No matter how many Marvel films we watch, we’ll never be able to see through walls or control the weather like a mad scientist. Besides, some themes and subjects can often be too complex or difficult to convey with live-action footage.

However – good news, superhero fans! There are no real-world limitations in animation, meaning you have complete control over your universe.

Coats Automotive still of corporate animation

If you’re unveiling a new product or demonstrating how something works, like this video for Coats Industrial Thread’s automotive products, you can peel back opaque layers and visualise every aspect. A voiceover fills in the blanks, and the entire production feels both realistic and informative. There’s nothing you can’t show sensitively and appropriately.

Reason 2: Show off your organisation’s personality

You’ve seen your share of corporate films, so you know exactly what lazy stock footage looks like.

Two businessmen smiling and shaking hands. Oh, that old chestnut.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with generic business B-roll… but there’s nothing right about it either. The footage carries no emotion: the shot doesn’t represent the organisation, and the viewer learns nothing about the brand or the message.

But in animation? It’s all personality from the very first frame.

Thanks to the control you have over the environment, every movement is a brushstroke that builds emotion. In these examples for Aviva and The Global Salmon Initiative, the message is presented in cartoon motion. It’s clean, recognisable as the brand’s colour and style, and wonderfully well-made.

Reason 3: Embed live video inside animations

Let’s say you want to use pre-recorded footage of a talking head. On the quest for the human touch, there’s no substitute for the real McCoy. But there doesn’t have to be a fight between recorded video and animation. Why not use both to your advantage?

With some clever production techniques, live-action video can be embedded in the animation. You can shoot a great webcam video from a home office and blend it together with animation for a great overall effect.

Take our work with Zendesk to create Zendesk Morning Show: it’s animation and live-action combined to create a branded video that makes sense and maintains its human touch.

Businesses have a clear advantage with corporate animated video

Corporate animated video is one of the most effective tools an organisation can use. This is a tool that can a brand’s communicate values, its commitments, and how it intends to make an impact that benefits society. While full-scale production is effective, animation could be the way forward.

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