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Have you ever thought how useful it would be to truly immerse your audience in your business? Using the latest 360° technology that’s exactly what you can do. Places that are hard to reach in person due to factors such as geography, accessibility on the ground or a multi-faceted operation, can be brought to life in new and exciting ways. This applies equally to external and internal audiences ranging from investor relations and stakeholder communications through to employee engagement, training, and learning. 

A 360° environment can be captured using photography or video or built as an imagined CGI world. Real or imagined spaces can then be overlaid with interactive hotspots including video, animation, information panels and downloadable documentation all with the added benefit of being able to extract detailed user data showing all interactions if required. Because you are creating a  360° environment, it can also be viewed through a VR headset for the ultimate feeling of immersion.

Cory Riverside Energy has a fascinating business which uses cutting-edge technology to convert London’s municipal waste into clean energy. CEO Nicholas Pollard explains how it helped them to tell their story to a very wide audience and how it impacted their business.

Experience the project »

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