Temporary power at the 2019 Rugby World Cup

Electricity delivered to power 12 venues and the International Broadcast Centre

Our standardised, modular fleet means capacity can be easily flexed

Our investment in quieter, more efficient technology helps minimise environmental impact. Exhaust Attenuators were installed at two venues, and noise curtains were installed at all sites.


Electrical distribution at the 2019 Rugby World Cup

615 distribution panels

1,250 transformers

We used our bespoke software to design safe electrical distribution systems in Japan.

These were used to provide power to Broadcast compounds, Field of Play Lights and Commentary Positions in the stadium to just name a few examples.

All our engineers adhere to strict health and safety requirements in the installation and operation of our electrical distribution solutions.



12 stadiums powered around Japan

20 participating teams

45 matches over 44 days

Over 1.8 million tickets sold

The total global broadcast audience for the tournament was 400 million

We have experience of
delivering events at a local,
national, and international level.

In 2018 Aggreko Event Services
delivered over 3,000 events across
multiple sectors including sport,
festivals, film and TV.

This means we’ve developed a scalable
model for:

  • Fleet
  • Work processes
  • Health and safety
  • Project management

We have recently delivered the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan,
which included:

  • Supplying primary power to 12 venues
  • 150 people on the ground
  • 80 were local staff trained by Aggreko

Tokyo key facts

Greater Tokyo population 37.4m

Tokyo population 13.9m

Tokyo GDP $2 trillion

Need to minimise disruption to everyday life