March 2021 - Vismedia Agency
London HQ
Unit 203, Brickfields
37 Cremer Street
Hoxton, E2 8HD
Islandijos g. 6,
Vilnius 01401, Lithuania
Screenshot from the Apple AirPods Pro interactive website
Josh Baum
Posted by Josh Baum
16 March 2021

What makes a website interactive?

No matter what your mother told you, people will judge books by their covers. The same goes for websites, too....

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Josh Baum
Posted by Josh Baum
09 March 2021

How The Photography Movement is supporting young people's mental health over lockdown

For young people in the pandemic, the world has been a strange, lonely place. But with smartphones, The Photography Movement...

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Still of a scientist wearing PPE from a pharmaceutical video production by Vismedia for GSK
Josh Baum
Posted by Josh Baum
04 March 2021

Why video production for pharmaceutical & healthcare is make-or-break

Clear branding and communication go hand-in-hand in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. When companies can’t ensure audiences understand the benefits...

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